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Boroscope Inspection

The visual inspection of components with a borescope is a very important part of function, durability and reliability testing. Hundreds of machine operations require one hundred percent availability making periodic inspections essential. Primarily, all internal parts must be checked. In this connection boroscopes of different types (rigid, flexible) with different levels of image resolutions for recognition of hairline cracks in the critical parts are used by INTERSEL.

Borescopes are used to nondestructively inspect equipment for condition, quality, durability and safety.

Common Inspections Include internal viewing of:

  • Stator Condition
  • Rotor clearances
  • Turbine Engines
  • Terminal Boxes
  • Eddy Current Brakes
  • Heat exchanger tubes
  • Gear boxes
  • Welds and Flanges
  • Foreign Object Retrieval
  • Cast Parts
  • Manufactured or machined parts


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