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Intersel Dowding and Mills brings years of engineering experience as well as state-of-the-art technology to the petrochemical industry when it comes to overhaul, rewinding and repair of motors and generators. We service AC motors, new and remanufactured DC motors, blowers, pumps and transformers. Within our Organization our professionals can analyze harmonics, repair AC variable frequency and DC SCR drives, conduct thermal imaging, and provide full system integration and engineering services.

We are focused on keeping our petrochemical industry customers up and running at peak efficiency and capacity by providing reliable petrochemical equipment repair services as well as quality rewinding services for petrochemical customers. We understand the importance of asset reliability in continuous process industries and provide advanced industry solutions for petrochemical equipment.

Maintenance Cement Dubai Plant

Solutions for petrochemical industry

Our professionals are experts at petrochemical equipment repair and delivering engineering services with motor and generator repair and providing ongoing maintenance. We provide overhauling, repair, and rewinding services for AC & DC electric motors, electric generators and mechanical components including pumps, fans and gearboxes

As your petrochemical maintenance company, we employ qualified technicians that can provide services on both OEM and custom motors. We are available to come to your location or complete the work in our facility, servicing your AC and DC rotating electric machinery when and where you need it.

Services include generator repair, equipment balancing, magnetic particle inspection, surge and core-loss testing, thermography testing and machining. Our 1,300 m2 facility offers a climate-controlled area and is equipped to provide quality overhauls, rewinds, repairs, and testing of generators and motors.

Our team has extensive experience in working with all types of electric motors and generators, ranging from small to large AC, DC, Vertical, Induction, Synchronous and Explosion Proof, to name a few.

Petrochemical clients can rely on us to provide emergency 24/7 service as well because we understand that every minute of downtime costs our customers money.

If you’re seeking an honest, reliable petrochemical maintenance company to meet your overhauling, repairing and rewinding needs, be sure to contact us. Our professionals are waiting to share top industry solutions for petrochemical equipment with you today.


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