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Metal & Steel

As a leading specialist in motor and generator rewind, overhaul and repair services, Intersel Dowding and Mills provides a wealth of offerings to the process and manufacturing industry. We offer service and repair facilities to the cement, manufacturing, food and beverage and steel industry.

We conform to ISO 9001-2008 for the repair, installation and servicing, including contract maintenance, of all types of electrical machinery and the repair, installation, re-manufacture, reclamation and servicing of mechanical equipment including:

  • AC and DC electric motors and generators
  • Traction motors, Compressors
  • Turbo and Hydro generators, including the overspeed and high speed balancing of rotors
  • Pumps
  • Transformers
  • Servo motors

The project management of the provision of on- site services for all the above.
Repair and overhaul of electrical motors for use in potentially explosive atmospheres,
Design, manufacture, overhaul and repair of formed coils, commutators and slip rings,
The supply of new motors and generators for industrial and traction duties

Metal Steel Aluminium Jebel Ali Ega

Technical repair solutions in Gulf region

Our experienced professionals understand that process and manufacturing companies need to keep their motors and generators operating well on an ongoing basis in order to reduce downtime and increase efficiency as much as possible. In doing so, they maintain a higher profit margin and increase their success. We are well positioned to provide these companies with mechanical engineering service in Dubai as well as factory maintenance service and repair service to ensure that they can maximize their output.

Providing Industrial solutions

Our company provides high-voltage AC motor rewinds and repairs including formed coil stators, squirrel cage rotor bars, and slip ring rotors.

Our comprehensive testing, diagnosis and analysis of motor performance helps you to ensure your motors and generators are back in service as soon as possible. Our professionals can conduct these services either on-site or at our facility. We offer insulation resistance, dynamic balancing, thermography, imaging services, and recurrent surge oscillation testing. Electro- magnetic core imperfection detection testing, tan delta testing, probe testing and vibration analysis as part of our comprehensive maintenance package.

As a steel industry service company, we provide quality factory maintenance service and equipment repair. We offer comprehensive services for all types of low- and high-voltage motors. We are able to provide 24-hour emergency service as needed.


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