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Modifications and Upgrades

Our team of experts can customize your motor requirements to meet you exacting requirements. Direct-Current of induction 3-Phase, Cage or Slip ring we have done it all. INTERSEL provides specific special solutions for your rotating equipment needs. Are you looking for an electric motor with a special flange? Is your terminal box on the wrong side? No worries. We specialize in tailored custom constructions of electric motors, arrestors, cooling units and more in different power and voltage ranges.

We provide upgrades to:

  • Terminal Box Changes
  • Cooling system enhancement
  • Shaft dimension changes
  • Addition of temperature probes or vibration sensors
  • Brake attachment
  • External ventilation
  • Installation of standstill heating systems
  • Manufacturing of special flanges
  • Changing of fixing dimensions
  • Rotational direction changes
  • Fan modification
  • Winding conversion
  • Rewinding
  • Change in winding voltage
  • Change in voltage frequency


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