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Intersel Dowding and Mills provides overhaul, rewinding and repair service for marine industry equipment in the Gulf Region. Our company offers a full suite of solutions including diagnosing and repairing problems in electrical equipment, generators and motors; removing, repairing and re-installing motors; and rewinding of electrical generators.

Our complete range of motor and generators repair and rewinding services are designed to support marine industry ship engineers, helping them to keep their vessels on schedule.

By providing motor maintenance services, we help our marine industry clients keep their equipment working before problems occur. Our professionals can provide bearing changeovers; inspect and service journals, shafts and housings; analyze and rectify vibration issues; offer onsite repairs for large motors; and remove heavy or awkward pieces of equipment.

Heavy Industry Maintenance Electrical Motors

Repair solutions for Marine industry

We encourage our clients to implement a preventive maintenance and testing program because it helps to flag any deterioration of an electrical motor before it becomes a potential hazard. Electrical equipment that is not maintained properly can cause catastrophic equipment failures, potentially resulting in loss of life or property. In addition, a periodic preventive maintenance program can extend the life of marine equipment and reduce operating costs.

Our facility is equipped with the resources to rewind and repair all types of electric motors including generators, AC/DC motors, alternators, armatures, and high-frequency motors.

Our company employs a quality-tested process in performing our electric motor rewind and repair service for marine industry equipment. All motors and generators are dismantled on arrival at our works and are thoroughly examined, a detailed report is generated and supplied to the customer and approval taken before any work is commenced.

Other ship and oil rig repair services include working on cranes, pumps, motors, automation systems, generators and control systems. We are experienced in repairing most mechanical and electrical equipment. Our facility and staff can perform assembly and disassembly, welding and machining services to complement our repair and rewinding services.


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