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Power generation

Established in 1986, Intersel Dowding and Mills provides industry solutions for power generation companies throughout the area. We help fossil fuel, wind farm, hydroelectric, and nuclear power generation facilities operate at peak performance by offering power generator repair, plant maintenance service and mechanical engineering services.

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Certified Engineering Service

Our professional staff is experienced and trained in working with AC & DC motors and generators, steam and gas turbine generators, related pumps, fans and compressors that are used in power generation. We provide motor repair, low voltage motors repair, motor winding and generator rewind services.

By applying industry-specific experience either on-site at a power generation facility or at our workshop facility, our team is prepared to deliver exceptional services in Dubai.

Generator stator rewinds

Our professionals bring extensive experience in repairing hydroelectric generators, including on-site and in-shop testing. We have performed repairs and rewinds on many different brands and types of generators. Our team can handle generator stator rewinds, rotor laminations repairs, stator core iron replacements, shaft repairs, and exciter rebuilds.

We offer predictive and preventive maintenance services so that power generation plants can identify early-stage problems in their motors and generators so that we can work to maintain and repair those problems before catastrophic failures occur. By recommending plant maintenance service and mechanical engineering services, our team can provide low voltage motors repair, power generator repair, motor repair and motor winding before power generator companies are in urgent need.

If, however, a power generation facility runs into an emergency situation, our staff is prepared to offer 24/7 emergency services as well because we realize that industry solutions for power generation plants might be required around the clock.

Whether your power generation plant requires a generator rewind or a motor repair in Dubai, be sure to contact Intersel Dowding and Mills. Our team is standing by to be your partner in overhauling, repairing and rewinding services.


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