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Repair and Overhaul services

Intersel Dowding and Mills, an engineering service company, provides rewinding and overhaul services for motors, generators and transformers up to 13.8KV. We offer mechanical engineering and electrical engineering services, electrical testing of motors and generators and plant maintenance services to a variety of industries.

Our professionals are trained to perform rotating equipment repair, electric motors repair, generator stator repair, and ac and dc motors repair. As a company that provides rewinding and overhaul in Dubai, Intersel Dowding and Mills employs a team of professionals that can perform both mechanical repairs to pumps as well as dynamic balancing of rotors.

Whether your primary business is in the water, power generation, marine, oil and gas, petrochemical, process or manufacturing industry, we understand that you want to minimize any downtime of your assets. We want to be your engineering service company partner, providing you with quality rewinding and overhaul services to meet your company’s day-to-day needs.

Industrial repair solutions

Our professional team wants to work with you to develop a comprehensive maintenance program to make sure your system is running smoothly before issues arise. By taking advantage of our plant maintenance services and mechanical engineering and electrical engineering services, you can monitor and maintain your equipment, maximizing uptime and reliability. We also offer electrical testing of motors and generators as well as dynamic balancing of rotors.

Repair and overhaul services in Dubai

When problems do arise, we are ready to provide electric motors, rotating equipment, generator stator, ac and dc motors repair and mechanical maintenance to pumps as needed.

Our comprehensive suite of electrical repair services provides you with a complete solution, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and performed by trained professionals. We strive to deliver the best possible results at a reasonable price within your time frame.

We understand that problems do not always occur during business hours. Our company offers 24/7 emergency services if needed, and we can overhaul or repair motors and generators on-site or at our facility. We work hard to understand your immediate need and find the best solution.

When your motors require rewinding and overhaul in Dubai, contact Intersel Dowding and Mills. We are your motor rewinding, motor repair and overhaul experts ready to serve your needs.


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