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Water industry solutions

As a water industry service company, Intersel Dowding and Mills provides rewind, repair and overhaul services for all kinds of motors, generators and transformers up to 13.8KV. We are honored to be able to serve water and wastewater facilities, helping them increase efficiency, improve motor and generator reliability, and reduce downtime.

Our professional staff perform generator maintenance and motor repair service to help our customers realize economic and efficiency gains. Treatment plants that are running our medium voltage variable frequency drive solutions can realize significant energy savings and improved equipment reliability by ensuring that their operating plants are in good working order.

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Water waste

As water and wastewater treatment plants continue to try to match flow, to demand, to increased efficiency, it becomes even more important to have a water industry equipment repair company like Intersel Dowding and Mills as your partner. As your water industry service company, we can provide overhaul, repair and rewinding services that will help you better guide your processes, resulting on less wear and tear on your equipment and increased energy savings.

Providing industry solutions

As a Service company, Intersel Dowding and Mills not only helps water and wastewater facilities maintain their existing equipment, but also comes to the rescue when emergency situations arise. We offer 24/7 generator and motor repair service. We understand that any downtime at all results in lost revenue for your organization.
Our trained professionals use state-of-the-art technology on-site or in our own facility to provide equipment repair and maintenance services. We supply thermography and conditioning monitoring, and we are able to service drive products for, process controls, rapid mix motors, filter backwash pumps, and flocculation mixer motors. Raw water pumps, rapid mix motors, coagulant chemical feed pumps and high services pumps can also be repaired and maintained.
The next time you need a generator rewind company or a motor repair and overhaul partner, be sure to contact us. Our trained professionals are ready to assist with your water and wastewater treatment and distribution system needs.

We conform to ISO 9001-2008 for the repair, installation and servicing, including contract maintenance, of all types of electrical machinery and the repair, installation, re-manufacture, reclamation and servicing of mechanical equipment including:
AC and DC electric motors and generators,
Traction motors, Compressors,
Turbo and Hydro generators, including the overspeed and high speed balancing of rotors.
Servo motors,
The project management of the provision of on- site services for all the above.
Repair and overhaul of electrical motors for use in potentially explosive atmospheres,
Design, manufacture, overhaul and repair of formed coils, commutators and slip rings,
The supply of new motors and generators for industrial and traction duties.


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