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Electrical Engineer

Electric Motor Rewind And Overhaul Services

  • Perform detailed calculations to establish standards and specifications
  • Perform Initial and final testing of AC and DC motors and generators and alternators
  • Supervision of dismantling and assembly of motors, generators and instruments
  • Conducting run test on AC, DC motors and generators using electronic test panels
  • Dismantling and fitting wiring boxes and harnesses on electrical equipment including transformers
  • Inspect electrical components of control systems
  • Identifying electrical problems with variety of testing equipment
  • Quality check as per guidelines on all equipment
  • Modification of electronic assemble for rotor, CT & PT for Generators & Motors terminal box, Bus bars and all types of breakers etc.
  • Inspect installations and observe operations to ensure compliance with design and equipment specifications and safety standards
  • Support mechanical department with product development and testing
  • Provide quality assurance for ongoing jobs both mechanically and through adequate electrical solutions
  • Keep current with the latest technical innovations in electrical engineering
  • Design, implement, maintain, and improve electrical instruments, equipment, facilities, components, products, and systems for commercial, industrial, and domestic purposes.
  • Direct and coordinate manufacturing, construction, installation, maintenance, support, documentation, and testing activities to ensure compliance with specifications, codes, and customer requirements.
  • Inspect completed installations and observe operations through empirical testing (run-test) to ensure conformance to design and equipment specifications and compliance with operational and safety standards
  • Plan and implement research methodology and procedures to apply principles of electrical theory to engineering jobs
  • Prepare specifications for purchase of electrical materials and equipment
  • Investigate customer complaints, determine nature and extent of problem, investigate root cause and recommend remedial measures
  • Assist in developing capital project programs for new equipment and major repairs
  • Compile data and write reports regarding existing and potential engineering studies and projects
  • Collect data relating to commercial and residential development, population, and power system interconnection to determine operating efficiency of electrical system
  • Conduct field surveys and study maps, graphs, diagrams, and other data to identify and correct power system problems
  • Electrical Engineering Degree (may also consider others).
  • Good command of spoken and written English and Hindi.
  • Strong communication skills for effective communication with, senior Management, sub-ordinates, clients, auditors and authorities.
  • Able to teach well in English and Hindi.
  • Strong leadership skills, with ability to operate in line with the authority given to the Manager role.
  • Adjectives – accurate, sharp, intuitive, structured, dynamic, proactive, analytical.
  • Passionate about engineering and desire to ensure engineering systems are implemented correctly.

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