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AC/DC Generators

Electric Motor Rewind And Overhaul Services


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AC/DC Generators

As the largest independent rotating equipment service company in the Middle East that has been operating in the region since 1986, we have extensive experience working with the generators of several different makes and models in multiple industries. We are an authorized dealer of Cummins generators and alternators (Stamford and AvK) in the Middle East and authorized service partners for WEG and TMEIC. We also serve as an approved service center for generator manufacturers like CAT, KATO, and Leroy Somer (among others). We have offered services from UAE and Oman to Algeria, covering an extensive geographic range and multiple countries in the MENA region.

Most of our experience has been with AC industries, widely employed in a variety of industries, from oil and gas to power. But over three decades of catering to the marine industry’s rotating equipment has resulted in an extensive knowledge-based and varied experience related to DC generators, their unique challenges, and the losses inherent to DC transmission.

Intersel AC/DC Generator Services

  • Complete on-site rewinding services for turbo generators up to 200 kW (any make, air-cooled). From marine industry clients for which removing a generator might require disassembling other equipment or cutting into the hull to power generator clients that seek rapid turn-around time to restore services as soon as possible, clients from several industries benefit from our on-site rewinding services. We also offer vacuum pressure impregnation for generator windings. 
  • Comprehensive testing services (both online and offline), including ELCID, RSO, PD analysis, stator wedge tightness assessment, and infrared thermography, allow us to take an optimal approach to generator repairs and overhauls. The testing also forms the core of our predictive maintenance services, allowing us to prevent unplanned outages and operational losses. We also offer complete preventive maintenance services for AC/DC generators.  
  • Our mobilizable resources and an experienced team of field engineers and certified technicians allow us to offer complete emergency and outage services, including coil design and manufacturing. We ensure rapid repairs to minimize the outage time. 
  • Complete mechanical repair services (both on-site and workshop). From rotor and stator to Elmagco brakes, we can repair, remanufacture, reverse-engineer, and in some cases, fabricate the necessary mechanical parts for the generators. We also maintain a significant inventory of OEM parts with over 10,000 SKUs. 

We are growing our expertise to include services related to wind turbine generators and will be equipped to cater to the rotating equipment needs of the renewables industry in the Middle East as it evolves.

The Intersel Advantage For AC/DC Generator Services

  • From rapid turn-around times for AC/DC generators and preventive maintenance projects we undertake to predictive maintenance backed by our comprehensive testing, optimally scheduled to minimize the negative impact of downtime, all of our AC/DC generator services are focused on minimal operational disruption for our clients. 

    In addition to the repair and restoration of the AC/DC generators of our clients aimed to restore them to the original OEM specifications, we are also capable of enhancing their performance (upscaling) and operational life. From better insulation technologies to component redesigning, various structural changes allow us to achieve the desired specifications for our clients. 

    We have extensive experience working on different types of generators, including different specifications, configurations, and fuel sources, mainly natural gas and diesel. This experience allows us to optimally plan our repairs, maintenance, or overhauling services for minimal downtime and the best possible results. 

    Lastly, the extent of our expertise and resources, including a state-of-the-art workshop, allows us to undertake virtually all repair and service needs of most turbo generators in-house, so we can maintain the foremost standards of quality at every stage without relying upon subcontractors that may dilute the service quality.


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