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Electric Motor Rewind And Overhaul Services


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Intersel has been catering to the oil and gas sector, including the petrochemical industry, in the Middle East since 1986. As we grew to become the largest rotating equipment service company in the region, we have provided maintenance, repair, overhauling, and shutdown support to various petrochemical industries in the region and have developed a comprehensive understanding of this industry, including the challenges, safety practices, and chemical exposure of the equipment in service.

Intersel Petrochemical Services

We offer a wide range of services to our petrochemical clients, including but not limited to the following:

Our expertise with rotating equipment, from steam turbines and compressors to the complete range of synchronous and asynchronous motors, allow us to undertake large-scale preventive maintenance shutdown (planned or unplanned) in the petrochemical complexes of the Middle East. And our comprehensive testing ability allows us to monitor the health of rotating equipment, especially the ones exposed to corrosive chemicals at the feeding, process, or exhaust stage. Equipped with that knowledge, we can recommend the optimal time for predictive maintenance.

Our team of certified technicians and field engineers experienced in the rotating equipment installed in individual units of a petrochemical complex executes optimal repair and maintenance strategies, ensuring minimal downtime and exceptional results. Our state-of-the-art mobile workshops facilitate a comprehensive and extensive field service portfolio for petrochemical plants, resulting in faster turnarounds and minimal operational delays.

We offer complete overhauling services for a variety of rotating equipment, including turbines, compressors, and trains (ethylene, propylene, cracked gas, etc.). In addition to increasing the efficiency and longevity of the rotating equipment/system we overhaul, we are also equipped to make necessary process-related improvements, which include more efficient seals and better coating.

Intersel’s certified technicians and engineers are equipped to handle the rotating equipment needs of all hydroelectric power generation facilities in the Middle East. We offer both field and in-shop repair services for a wide variety of hydroelectric water turbines and are also capable of improving power output while retaining the original footprint. Our comprehensive testing enhances our predictive maintenance capabilities. And our machining and manufacturing capabilities (including stators and windings) allow us to meet an extensive range of hydroelectric generator repair needs. Our field services include complete removal, disassembling, on-site rewinding, repairs (supported by our mobile workshops), and reinstallation of hydroelectric generators.

Intersel Petrochemical Units Expertise

Intersel offers complete maintenance, repair, overhauling, and other services for the rotating equipment in virtually all petrochemical plants and individual units, including:

We are experienced in working with a variety of olefin plants (mostly oil and natural gas based) and their rotating equipment infrastructure. This includes process gas compressors, sealless magnetic drive pumps, integrally geared pumps, and direct drive pumps.

Amine gas treatment plants are an important part of petrochemical complexes where untreated natural gas is extensively used. The corrosive nature of the gases removed in the treatment process usually requires the use of pumps (especially the parts susceptible to operational wear) made of composite materials. As an OEM alternative, Intersel is equipped to handle the unconventional materials and designs for rotating equipment used in these plants. We are also proficient with the sealless pumps used in these plants.


Most petrochemical complexes produce a wide variety of industrial-grade chemicals using a variety of plants, each with its own rotating equipment. For ethylene plants, we are equipped to work on the entire compressor train (multiple centrifugal compressors) and a wide variety of pumps (including vacuum pumps).

From refrigeration compressors similar to the ethylene process to magnetic drive pumps, we are equipped to deal with most propylene production rotating equipment needs of a petrochemical company. The expertise extends to cover ethylene and propylene glycol and the flow processes/preferences associated with its viscosity. We also cover the rotating equipment used in the production of other derivatives, like the seal-less pumps, especially canned motor pumps that are used in the production of phenol in a petrochemical complex.


We have extensive experience working with various polymer plants in service in the petrochemical companies of the Middle East. This includes providing complete repair and maintenance services for reciprocating compressors and non-geared centrifugal compressors used in High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Units. We also offer complete rotating equipment services for Polypropylene (PP) and Polycarbonate (PC) plants.

In addition to the most commonly produced chemicals and polymers, we are also equipped to provide complete maintenance and repair services for plants for specialized products like Ethanolamines and Ethoxylates.


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