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Other Industries

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in the Middle East is mature in some countries and is growing in others. As the largest independent rotating equipment service company in the region, we are equipped to assist both new companies with their installation and commissioning needs (rotating equipment) and existing pharmaceutical manufacturers with maintenance, repair, and overhauling needs.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing requires strict environmental control to prevent contamination of the product line. These restrictions also influence the on-site maintenance and repair practices in which Intersel’s field engineers and certified technicians are well-versed. We are also experienced with most of the rotational equipment used in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, including (but not limited to):

  • Oil-free air compressors, which are used to meet the compliance requirements associated with pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • Servo-motors of all makes and models. These motors have been an important element in pharmaceutical process automation.
  • Centrifugal pumps, positive displacement pumps (especially Rotary Lobe Pumps), Polypropylene Pumps, and a wide variety of chemical pumps.
  • Centrifugal and axial fans and blowers, as well as vacuum blowers.

In addition to the main and backup power generators used in various pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, we are also equipped to work on the nitrogen gas generators widely used in the industry.

The food and beverage industry in the Middle East offers a diverse range of products, each with its own manufacturing/packaging processes and rotating equipment requirements. The environmental control protocols in the industry are quite stringent and influence the choice regarding rotation equipment like blowers and compressors, including how they are installed, maintained, and serviced.

We are equipped and experienced in the maintenance and repair (both on-site and in our workshop) of all rotating equipment used in different food and beverage industry processes. This includes:

  • Biomix/biomass pumps (wear resistant), agitators, process pumps for everything from dosing to wastewater treatment, and liquid ring compressors used in sugar mills.
  • For dairy plants, we cover everything from motors used in the mixers, feeders, and heat exchangers to positive displacement and centrifugal pumps used in various parts of the operational process.
  • Specialty pumps like axial, slurry, multistage ring section pumps, and submersible pumps capable of handling highly viscous liquids, as well as aerators and compressors used in the edible oil industry.

Our engineers and technicians adhere to the best OEM and industry practices when it comes to rotating equipment, seals, materials, and coating to ensure that there is no possibility of contamination in the process. We can also maintain and repair motors, including those in robotic arms, deployed in the packaging phase of the food and beverage facilities.

Induction motors are the most widely used rotating equipment in the construction industry, but the range is quite extensive. From portable generators to various types of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps, we are capable of meeting all the rotating equipment needs of the construction industry. Our field services allow us to cover construction sites across the Middle East, and our quick turnaround time ensures minimum equipment failure delays. And our machining and fabrication capabilities, including the ability to handle various metals, are crucial for the mechanical repair of equipment in the construction industry, which suffers from extreme friction and wear and tear.

Intersel is equipped to handle the maintenance, service, and repair of the complete range of rotating equipment used in the textile industry. This includes:

  • Servo motors are used in the spinning and weaving units.
  • Induction motors (mostly controlled by VFDs) for various textile processes.
  • Standardized (or modified) chemical pumps.
  • High-velocity centrifugal blowers.

Oil-free air compressors.


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