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Elmacgo Brakes

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Elmacgo Brakes

As the largest independent rotating equipment service provider in the Middle East, Intersel has extensive experience working with Elmagco brakes and eddy current brakes from other manufacturers. Our engineers and technicians are experienced in on-site dismantling, service, maintenance, and repairs of Elmagco brakes, which results in a quicker turn-around and prevents time and resource costs associated with transportation.

From mechanical failures stemming from overheating to structural issues caused by misalignment, Intersel’s experienced team is equipped to identify and rectify virtually all potential causes of equipment failure. Intersel has been working with the Middle East oil and gas industry since 1986, and our exposure to a wide variety of custom and standard eddy current brakes has been both extensive and diverse.

Intersel offers two core Elmagco brake services – maintenance and repairs.

Each Elmagco brake maintenance service starts with the inspection of the unit. Our field engineers and certified technicians ensure that inlet water temperature and water flow are acceptable as per the OEM recommendations. Some Elmagco brake models require 150 gal/min flow to adequately cool the brakes, while others require half of that. These factors can directly impact the service life of the braking unit and the probability of damage.

The maintenance steps include (but are not limited to):

  • Cleaning of magnet cavity drain and magnet cavity breather.
  • Checking the air-gap inspection plugs for the current gap, build-up, or signs of corrosion. If there is an unusual amount of build-up or corrosion, the water source needs to be checked for the cause. The ideal frequency is monthly.
  • Proper lubrication of rotor bearings. Our field engineers and technicians guide the on-ground maintenance staff on the proper amount and frequency of greasing to be applied.

Common issues:

  • Damaged bearings resulting from rising water level inside the brakes. The water levels can rise if the outflow is restricted or clogged.
  • Overheating caused by inlet water being pumped back into the brakes without its temperature being lowered to acceptable levels.
  • Contaminated or impure water leaving residue or causing build-up in the brake, resulting in a cease.
  • Expanded rotor due to overheating.

Intersel engineers and certified technicians are equipped to offer complete Elmagco brake repairs, both on-site and in our workshop. The repair process (regardless of the nature of the damage) starts with a disassembling of the braking unit, all the way from the center plate to the coils. The extent of damage can be identified at every step of the way so that adequate replacement parts should be arranged and a repair plan should be put in place. Our technicians follow the best practices while disassembling, repairing, and reassembling the Elmagco brakes to ensure that the unit is restored to its peak efficiency. The insights from the repairs are passed on to the clients with recommendations like frequent maintenance, installing a heat exchanger/cooling unit, or purifying the water source.

The mechanical repairs for Elmagco brakes include the following:

  • Drum replacement.
  • Magnet machining.
  • Magnet welding.
  • Magnet rewinding.
  • Shaft reclaiming and replacement.

Housing and Journal reclaiming.


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