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Electric Motor Rewind And Overhaul Services


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As the largest independent rotating equipment service company in the region, Intersel has been a trusted partner to the Middle East’s power generation industry for over three decades.

Our extensive experience with the oil and gas industry and an intimate understanding of the fossil fuel sources that produce over 95% of the electric power consumed in the Middle East make us the ideal rotating equipment service partner for the regional power industry. However, we are also well-versed in rotating equipment used in nuclear, renewable, and hydroelectric power plants.

Motor and generator repairs, overhauling, and rewinding have been an Intersel forte since its inception (1986). This covers an extensive range - From small backup generators to larger units used in power generation facilities. Our certified technicians and engineers are equipped to handle all service, rewinding, certain manufacturing, and all repair needs for generators and other rotating equipment of the following thermal power generation facilities:

  • Gas-fired power plants
  • Oil-fired power plants
  • Coal-fired power plants

Intersel offers a wide range of services to thermal power generation companies and relevant entities in the Gulf, covering most mission-critical operational aspects. This starts with the motors, pumps, blowers, and other rotating equipment responsible for delivering the fossil fuels to the generators. Our extensive portfolio of products and services related to electrical generators allows us to assist all power thermal power generation facilities in observing, analyzing, maintaining (preventive and predictive), repairing, and overhauling generators of most makes and models. 

We also offer support for rotating equipment used in processes and technologies responsible for reducing emissions, including Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). This makes us an ideal partner for thermal power generation companies working on reducing their carbon emissions.

A significant shift in the power generation industry in the Middle East is taking place as renewables join the power grid. Intersel is already equipped to provide comprehensive services to renewable-based power generation facilities in the region and is rapidly expanding its portfolio of products and services to meet the needs of the evolving market. The two main renewable energy domains we operate in are:

  • Wind Energy: Modern wind turbines are a new breed of rotating equipment with unique maintenance, service, and repair needs. They are directly exposed to elements, and the rotors experience a high degree of fluctuations in rotating speeds, causing unpredictable wear and tear. This requires in-depth diagnostics and observation capabilities for predictive maintenance to ensure that wind turbines remain in optimal condition and are able to meet or exceed their lifespan projections. We offer in-shop mechanical and electrical repairs, insulation/winding services, and stator-coil winding manufacturing for wind turbines and are expanding our field services to include on-site wind-turbine diagnostics and maintenance. 
  • Solar Energy: Our extensive experience with turbines/generators makes us an ideal choice for solar power companies focused on concentrated solar power generation. As opposed to solar panels that require sunlight to produce electricity, concentrated solar power generators focus on heat energy to drive steam turbines.

Despite their scarcity in the region, Intersel has engineers and technicians that are certified and experienced in working in nuclear power generation facilities. We are well-versed in the safety practices and protocols observed in nuclear power plants, which allows us to draw and follow an adequately compliant action plan from removal to repair and reinstallation of repair equipment. Our experience with multiple reactor types (and associated pumps and turbines), as well as motors and pumps used in the nuclear power plant safety systems, allow us to offer the full spectrum of rotating equipment services to our nuclear power plant clients.

Intersel’s certified technicians and engineers are equipped to handle the rotating equipment needs of all hydroelectric power generation facilities in the Middle East. We offer both field and in-shop repair services for a wide variety of hydroelectric water turbines and are also capable of improving power output while retaining the original footprint. Our comprehensive testing enhances our predictive maintenance capabilities. And our machining and manufacturing capabilities (including stators and windings) allow us to meet an extensive range of hydroelectric generator repair needs. Our field services include complete removal, disassembling, on-site rewinding, repairs (supported by our mobile workshops), and reinstallation of hydroelectric generators.

Since power is more time-sensitive than most other industries, with its failures and shutdowns impacting sizable population segments and businesses, our clients seek a combination of quality and promptness. Our rapid turn-around times, testing abilities, experienced field teams, and mobilizable resources allow us to minimize downtime for our clients, making us a trusted OEM alternative for a wide variety of their rotating equipment needs.


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