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Electric Motor Rewind And Overhaul Services


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Industrial Pumps

Intersel has been catering to the rotating equipment needs of industries like oil and gas, water and wastewater, power, and petrochemical in the Middle East since 1986. We are experienced in the flow dynamics of various fluids and the fluid mechanics of various industries, along with all common and obscure problems that may arise with the pumps in these industries. 

Intersel serves as an authorized service center for pump manufacturers Wabtec and WEG in the Middle East, but our engineers and technicians are well-versed in pumps from all international (Sulzer, Flowserve, KSB, etc.) and several local manufacturers. 

We offer services for both positive and non-positive displacement pumps. The three major pump categories we provide services for are:

Intersel is equipped to provide services for the entire range of standard and custom centrifugal pumps employed in a wide variety of industries. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Radial Pumps (High pressure, low flow, diffuser style, single/multi-stage, etc.).
  • Axial Pumps (Any construction material, media, and exposure/wear considerations).  
  • Mixed Flow (Volute, guiding vane, vertical, submersible, etc.).

From oil and gas to the wastewater industry, rotary pumps are used to move a variety of media in different industries (usually high viscosity). We offer complete repair and maintenance services for a complete variety of rotary pumps. This includes: 

  • Screw pumps (One screw/multiple screws).
  • Gear pumps (External/internal).
  • Lobe pumps (Single, bi-wing, tri-wing, multi-lobe).
  • Vane pumps (Unbalanced, balanced, variable displacement).

Our engineers and certified technicians have been offering services to the oil and gas industry for over three decades, which include complete repair and maintenance services for all reciprocating pumps widely used in the industry. 

  • Piston pumps (lift, force, axial, etc.)
  • Plunger pumps (From duplex to multiplex)
  • Diaphragm pumps (mechanical/air operated).

Intersel Pump Services

Intersel offers a comprehensive suite of pump-related services to our clients from all major industries in the Middle East. These services include:

Our field engineers and certified technicians are capable of conducting most pump repairs (including mechanical repairs) on-site. This allows us to re-commission mission-critical pumps and restore normal operations within an exceptionally short timeframe. Our well-equipped mobile workshops allow them to perform complex repairs on-site while maintaining our characteristic quality.

As a trusted OEM alternative in the region, we are capable of executing installations and commissioning of a wide variety of pumps following their guidelines or operational requirements. Our experienced team is capable of solving problems like mismatched footprints, impeded access, flow diversion, etc. We also offer pump removal services to both shut down and operational plants, following the best safety practices.

In addition to offering complete preventive maintenance services for all or some of the pumps within a plant (both planned and unexpected shutdown), we also offer comprehensive testing and predictive maintenance services for the pumps. We customize our testing and monitoring to a pump’s operational and environmental requirements.

Our pump overhauling includes complete disassembly, inspection, repairs, replacements (OEM or fabricated), reassembling, and testing. The pumps are returned to our clients in “as new” condition.

We offer complete repair, maintenance, and overhaul services to obsolete, legacy, and custom pumps (without design documents) thanks to our reverse engineering capabilities.

We are able to remanufacture most out-of-commission pumps for our clients and help them achieve their equipment recycling or cost-management goals.

Our experience and the tools at our disposal allow us to improve the performance specifications of various pumps (typically without changing their footprint), increase their life, or modify them for different operational requirements.

In addition to maintaining a massive inventory of OEM replacement parts for pumps from various OEMs, we can also fabricate virtually all mechanical pump parts (apart from proprietary technologies). 


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