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Cement Plants

Electric Motor Rewind And Overhaul Services


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Cement Plants

As the largest independent rotating equipment service company in the Middle East, Intersel is the primary choice of companies from a wide variety of industries, including cement. Through our services to the region’s cement manufacturing industry, we are contributing to the infrastructure of multiple industries. Our expertise can be translated to the rotating equipment service needs of other types of cement plants.

At Intersel, we are equipped to help you with the rotating equipment associated with every step of the process. Our certified technicians and engineers are experienced in both dry and wet process manufacturing plants. 

Crushing: We are equipped to deal with the complete range of LV, MV, and HV motors used in the crushers, regardless of their horsepower and pole configurations. Our familiarity with different crushing units (impact, jaw, hammer, etc.), the housing requirement specific to the environment, shock-absorption mechanics, and mechanical/electrical resilience measures in place to meet the heavy-duty requirement of crushing allows us to provide the perfect repair/service solution. We can offer efficient on-site solutions, and even when the equipment has to be removed/partially or fully dismantled, we ensure that the integrity of the crushing unit as a whole is not compromised.

Grinding: At Intersel, our expertise includes all the rotating equipment associated with the grinding process in almost any cement manufacturing industry. From the main drive motors driving the grinding press to the pumps that are part of the hydraulic system that's part of the grinding process, we can cater to the repair needs of all the rotating equipment used in the grinding. 

Preheating and Kiln (Calcination): The preheating process and driving the heated/cooled raw material to and from these units requires the use of a wide array of rotating equipment (usually driven by DC motors). This includes the preheater fan and the fan used for the negative pressure in the cyclone preheater, feeders, and the heavy-duty kiln motors, along with smaller AC/DC motors used for synchronization. Our engineers and technicians are able to provide complete repair and maintenance services for all these motors and all the other motors associated with the preheating, heating, and cooling process (especially for rotary coolers). 

In addition to these processes, motors associated with transporting raw and processed materials to and from other units and driving the final product to the packaging site are all exposed to different environmental and operational challenges. A comprehensive understanding of what these are is crucial to provide the perfect solution to our cement manufacturing clients.  

We are also experienced in servicing, maintaining, and repairing the slip ring motors used in the coal mill drive, variable speed drives (VSDs) used throughout the cement manufacturing process, cooling fans, motors used in reclaimer drives, and pumps used in the recycling process.

Our comprehensive understanding of the cement industry and virtually all the rotating equipment challenges it may face (and how to solve those challenges) is the primary reason we are the foremost choice for most cement manufacturing facilities in the region. We also offer several other benefits.

  • Our mobile workshops, field testing ability, and on-site repair/service expertise save our clients a lot of time associated with removing, transporting, and reinstalling repaired rotating equipment. However, it’s not a feasible option in some cases. 
  • The rapid turn-around time we offer ensures minimal downtime for our clients.
  • A comprehensive portfolio of testing services and expertise augments our predictive maintenance. We can monitor the rotating equipment driving the individual units of a cement manufacturing facility and make repairs or modifications which may prevent plant downtime due to the failure of mission-critical motors and other rotating equipment.


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