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AC/DC Motors

Electric Motor Rewind And Overhaul Services


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AC/DC Motors

As the largest independent rotating equipment service company in the Middle East, Intersel is equipped to meet almost all repair, service, maintenance, replacement, and rewinding needs of AC and DC motors used in a wide variety of industries. We have been in the AC/DC motor (and generator) repair business since 1986, and over the decades, our capabilities have evolved to cover the entire spectrum of industrial motor needs of our clients. Our AC/DC motor services cover the following:

  • All LV, MV, and HV motors (Maximum voltage range – 13.8 kV)
  • From fractional power motors to motors of power rating up to 6,000 hp (4.47 MW)
  • Standard and custom-made motors (with or without OEM support/designs) 
  • Motors from almost all manufacturers. We are brand partners with Wabtec, TMEIC, Breuer Motoren, Marelli Motori, and WEG Industries.

Our engineers and technicians can handle all AC motor types. This includes all synchronous and induction motors, 1 and 3-phase motors, various rotor designs like phase-wound and squirrel cage, and all pole configurations. Our experience with multiple industries has exposed us to a wide variety of AC motors. We are also equipped to deal with a wide variety of enclosures/cooling methods, including Explosion Proof (Ex) motors, TEFC, and TEWAC, and knowledgeable about the environments in which different types of enclosures are necessary. We are also well-versed in different motor control options, including VSD and VFD. 

Similarly, we are equipped to take care of all your DC motor needs. We are experienced in DC motors of all winding types (series, shunt, and compound), all excitation configurations, and both brushed and brushless DC motors of various sizes. We can accommodate almost all commutator sizes and identify and rectify almost all electrical and mechanical issues in DC motors.

Intersel AC/DC Motor Services

Intersel offers the following services for AC/DC motors:

Our on-site AC/DC motor services include installation in accordance with OEM guidelines or custom installations adapted for a specific installation site or custom mechanical/electrical configurations. As a trusted OEM alternative, we adhere to the best industry practices for installation. We also offer removal services for motors that need to be serviced, repaired, rewound, or overhauled, ensuring that there is no damage to the motors. We are experienced in complex removals and installations where access is a major concern.

We offer both on-site and off-site inspection services for motors. This includes vibration analysis, thermographic surveys, tan delta, PD, alignment, and electrical tests like hi-pot, surge, megger, voltage-drop, and core loss. These inspections allow us to accurately gauge the health of a motor and determine the best course of action.

Intersel offers both preventive and predictive maintenance for AC/DC motors in a wide variety of industries. Whether it’s an emergency maintenance request during an unplanned shutdown or predictive maintenance recommended by us (facilitated by our comprehensive testing ability), we adhere to best/recommended maintenance practices and ensure a quick turnaround.

We offer complete mechanical repairs for all AC/DC motors both on-site and in our workshop. These repairs include all core components like stators, rotors/commutators, bearings (journal and housing), and shaft, as well as things like brake assemblies and cooling fans. In all our repairs, we strive to achieve or improve original OEM specs.

We offer both on-site and off-site motor rewinding services, complete with a variety of insulation options to meet your electrical performance (and longevity) requirements. We can reverse engineer the original winding (if the designs are not available), and our insulation capabilities can help you prepare a motor for a new environment or increase the time between maintenance shutdowns (for a motor) by switching to a superior option.

Our engineers and technicians are well-versed in completely overhauling AC/DC motors to restore original performance and efficiency or improve upon it.

Our reverse engineering capabilities allow us to provide all the above-stated solutions for legacy, obsolete, or custom motors without original design documents. We can also fabricate the parts that are no longer available or are too time-consuming/costly to obtain. And our engineers are capable of remanufacturing decommissioned motors as well.


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