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Electric Motor Rewind And Overhaul Services


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Intersel has been a trusted partner for the Middle East’s Marine industry for the last three decades. Our on-site services, including comprehensive testing, repairs (supported by state-of-the-art mobile workshops), and generator/motor rewinding, allow us to work on a vessel while it’s still in commission, thus saving our clients days, even weeks.
Our knowledge of the harsh environment that rotating equipment on board the marine vehicles operate in, the resilient build that has to be sustained/retained or restored while they are in repairs, and measures (including housing and coating) taken to reduce the probability of corrosion when the vessel is seabound.

Our over three decades in the rotating equipment business and catering to the marine industry have equipped us with the necessary knowledge and expertise to commission, install, inspect, repair, remove, dismantle, and even partially fabricate the complete range of rotating equipment used in the marine industry. 

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Main propulsion drive units, which cover multiple rotating parts/elements between power generation and propulsion. We are experienced in both 2- and 4-stroke engines, but the bulk of the exposure has been with 2-stroke engines. 
  • Marine generators/auxiliary generators of various makes and models and fuel configurations. This includes generators from manufacturers like GE, CAT, and Kohler. We are also equipped to work on generators configured for different marine fuel grades.
  • Bow thruster motors. 
  • Induction motors in their various roles on the vessel, like seawater pumping and crane motors.
  • DC motors used in various deck equipment and other parts of the vessel.
  • Positive displacement pumps like bilge pumps and flexible impeller pumps, as well as various dynamic pressure pumps used on a seafaring vessel.
  • From auxiliary blowers in the ship engines to marine duty fans used for ventilation, we are equipped to repair and service all different types of fans and blowers on a vessel.
  • A wide variety of gear systems used on a vessel.

We offer a wide range of services to the marine industry, including (but not limited to):

Inspection, Monitoring, and Consultation

Intersel offers monitoring services to vessels in various Middle East Docks for efficient predictive maintenance. We offer flexible contracts adjusted for the frequency of arrival and the duration of the stay. Regular monitoring and our comprehensive testing ability allow us to perform predictive maintenance on vessels that significantly lower the probability of rotating equipment failures (causing breakdowns and delays) and subsequent repair cost and operational costs.

For vessels that are not under contract, we offer inspection services and generate comprehensive rotating equipment health reports that may cover everything from the propeller engine to the DC motors in the deck machinery. These inspections help our clients make smart operational decisions regarding repairs and preventive maintenance for minimum delays. We also offer consultation services which include training the staff on board, especially the maintenance crew, on the proper maintenance and emergency repair protocols for rotating equipment under their care.  

Comprehensive Mechanical Services

From right-angle gearboxes to marine generators, we offer complete mechanical repairs and machining services for all rotating equipment onboard a vessel. We are also a trusted OEM alternative for ships that are docked far from repair or distribution centers of the OEMs of their rotating equipment for their repair, replacement, and part fabrication needs. Our reverse engineering capabilities are an asset to our marine industry clients working with out-of-commission or legacy rotating equipment in older or restored vessels. We are well-versed in the marine pump compliance requirements (from multiple ship-building classifications) and adhere to them during our repairs. 

Emergency Repairs

Intersel offers emergency repair services both for vessels adhering to a strict schedule and stranded vessels (in close proximity to the docks we provide services in) facing critical rotating equipment failure. We equip and dispatch our certified technicians and engineers experienced in marine industry services. Our expertise allows us to perform complex in-situ repairs, including a complete rewind, without dismantling part of the ship or cutting the hull to get the generators out. We also offer coil manufacturing services, and they are initiated in parallel (if the need is identified) in our workshop while our technicians and engineers work on the vessel, to be dispatched as soon as possible.


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