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Ex Motors

Electric Motor Rewind And Overhaul Services


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Intersel’s Ex Motors Expertise

Flammable environments are a special class of hazardous industrial environments characterized by the presence of combustible gases, fibers, or other such elements which may ignite in the presence of a heat source or flame/spark. These environments warrant the use of Ex motors or explosion-proof motors, which ensure that any explosion, spark, or flame produced inside the motor doesn’t cause an ignition outside. They are also designed to operate below the environmental ignition temperatures. 

The certified technicians and field engineers at Intersel are trained and equipped to offer complete electrical and mechanical services for Ex motors, following the globally accepted IECEx standards, both on-site and in our state-of-the-art workshop. We offer these services for the entire range of Ex motors designed for a wide array of industries. This includes:

  • The custom-designed standard makes Ex motors of up to 13.8 kV. The custom-designed Ex motor service expertise extends to motors simply adapted/modified for a specific environment for complete custom builds with unique enclosures and electrical characteristics. 
  • Motors are classified for protection types “e” (increased protection) and “n” (non-sparking).
  • Motors with different Equipment Protection Levels, like Db, Gc, and Dc. Our technicians are trained to repair and service Ex motors operating in all three standard explosive environments (Gas, Dust, and Mines). 
  • Our technicians are well-versed in various operating zones and their respective presence (occasional/always) of the flammable/combustive material (like gas mixed with air). This allows them to offer compliant equipment repair services but ensure that Ex motor installation, removal, or other on-site work is in compliance with the hazardous environment’s protection practices. 
  • Ex motors with a power rating of up to 6,000 hp.
  • Full spectrum of maximum surface temperature ratings.

A comprehensive understanding of Ex motors, the environments they operate in, their technical specifications, and how to retain or even improve their performance is what makes us the foremost choice for a wide array of companies in the Middle East that employ Ex motors in their hazardous environments.

The Intersel Advantage

As the largest independent rotating equipment service company in the Middle, with extensive knowledge of the fluid mechanics/dynamics of various industries and a thorough understanding of almost all industrial hazardous environments, we offer safe and efficient Ex motor services to our clients. Our advantages include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • On-site services, which include removal and installation. The hazardous environment in which most Ex motors operate warrants a careful and systematic approach to routine operations like disconnecting and removing Ex motors (for repairs), especially if the plant is still operational. Our engineers and certified technicians are well-versed in the best practices associated with on-site Ex motor services, and our fully-equipped mobile workshops allow us to perform most repairs in close proximity to the host environment of these motors, which saves time.
  • Both our field and workshop repairs/services are augmented by our comprehensive testing capabilities, which allow us to trace faults and potential failures (for predictive maintenance), even with the accessibility constraints inherent in the Ex motors. 
  • Our experienced team and cutting-edge tools allow us to offer Ex motor repair, overhaul, and maintenance services making us an ideal OEM alternative, more conveniently accessible with rapid turn-around times to ensure minimal operational disruptions.
  • The redesigning, remanufacturing, and fabrication capabilities allow us to meet an extensive range of Ex motor repair needs of our clients. From specially designed Ex motors with incomplete design documents to obsolete and legacy units, we are equipped to handle virtually all Ex motors in operation in the industries we serve.


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