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Oil And Gas

As a leading provider of overhaul, repair and rewind services, Intersel Dowding and Mills works with the oil and gas industry by providing motor and generators repair in Dubai.

We understand that in today’s competitive global economy, oil and gas companies need to reduce downtime and increase profitability to be successful. That’s why we offer oil industry equipment repair as well as oil and gas maintenance services. Our professionals are experts in industry repair of motors, generators and transformers up to 13.8KV as well as maintenance service of these units. We service all makes of generators, GE and EMD DC motors and explosion proof motors including Ex’d’, Ex’n’ and Ex’p’.

Maintenance Oil Oil Gas Industry

Repair solutions for Oil and Gas industry

We have an understanding of your business and operational needs. By combining years of professional experience with up to date equipment, we provide top quality oil industry equipment repair services. Our team can provide oil and gas maintenance and industry repair either on site or at our own facility. By using advanced technology such as thermography and conditioning monitoring, we can provide an excellent maintenance and motor repair service in Dubai.

Oil and gas companies demanding overhaul, rewinding or repair services can rely on us to manage motor, drive and control components, resulting in increased efficiencies from wellhead to the end product. Our vibration analysis and condition monitoring surveys employ advanced data collection and software technology to deliver bottom line results. By ensuring that motors and generators are fully operational, our oil and gas customers can continuously adjust control flow and speed throughout the whole oil and gas automation process. We understand that is critical to keeping your business running smoothly at all times.

Other electrical components throughout the upstream, midstream and downstream segments include pumps, fans, and compressors that must be maintained, overhauled and repaired to reliably compress gas or move fluids. In liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants, our team is well equipped to repair and overhaul motor and drive systems for small, medium and large compressors.

When emergencies arise, our company is prepared to offer 24/7 repair services to minimize downtime of your critical motor and generator components. We constantly strive to exceed your expectations when it comes to overhauling, repairing and rewinding motors and generators.


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