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Generators and Alternators

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As the largest independent rotating equipment service provider in the Middle East, operating since 1986, Intersel is equipped to cater to a wide variety of needs of industries in the region, including new generator units. Intersel is the authorized distributor of Cummins alternator brands, Stamford and AvK alternators, in the Middle East. From assisting our clients in selecting the perfect alternator for their operational needs/requirements and executing a perfect installation as per OEM recommendations to maintenance and authorized repairs, we have all the necessary expertise associated with Cummins generator units.

Our extensive experience working with various industries operating in the region and the resulting comprehensive understanding of the power needs and operating environments allow us to assist our clients in making the perfect alternator choices. This extends to choosing the right excitation and cooling options.

Intersel Generator Sales And Distribution

With the range of Stamford and AvK generators we offer in the Middle East, we are equipped to meet the primary and backup power needs of a wide array of industrial facilities. Stamford’s alternator range starts with smaller units capable of producing 2-22 kVA. The largest alternator units in the Stamford range are HV (13.8 kV), with a maximum power output of 5,000 kVA. The largest AvK alternator currently in production offers a maximum output of about 10,200 kVA.

The decades of accumulated experience of Intersel engineers and technicians (with generators) and an in-depth understanding of the operational needs of our clients allow us to offer the perfect Cummins generator solutions to our clients. Our extensive portfolio of rotating equipment services spanning the entire lifecycle of the generators, augmented with an in-depth understanding of the OEM-recommended practices associated with the installation, maintenance, and repair of Cummins alternators, results in unparalleled equipment support for our clients.

Intersel and Cummins

Intersel has spent well over three decades catering to the rotating equipment needs of various Middle East industries. From our core maintenance and repair services to our equipment supplies, every facet of our operations in the Middle East is governed by an unfaltering commitment to excellence, and this is reflected in our partnership with Cummins. We have identified it as an ideal solution provider for the main and backup power needs of almost all the industrial facilities in the Middle East that we cater to. Cummins alternators are built to operate in harsh environments and perform optimally for years if maintained as per OEM recommendations.

The Intersel Advantage

The benefits of choosing Intersel as your generator supply partner include the following:

  • Access to top-of-the-line alternators perfectly suited to meet your power/backup needs.
  • OEM-recommended practices applied to equipment installation, routine maintenance, and repairs by professionals with decades of collective experience.
  • Continuous support facilitated by our regional presence.
  • Extensive inventory of OEM spare parts for maintenance and repairs.

Generators are a major investment for most facilities, and a trusted supply, maintenance, and repair partner like Intersel prevents your investment from turning into a liability.


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