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Pumps, Gearboxes & Fans

Electric Motor Rewind And Overhaul Services


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Pumps, Gearboxes & Fans

As a broad-spectrum rotating equipment service provider, our expertise extends beyond motors and generators. We have extensive experience providing comprehensive inspection, maintenance, and repair services for other rotating equipment like pumps, gearboxes, and fans. Our fully equipped workshop allows us to cater to almost all overhauling, service, and repair needs pertaining to pumps, gearboxes, and fans. And our thorough understanding of fluid mechanics and experience with more viscous fluids (oil) makes us an ideal choice for various industries.

Our motor repair and overhauling expertise naturally extend to the pumps as well. Our pump repair services include:

  • A thorough inspection to assess the damage and to determine the optimal approach to repair. 
  • Repair services for a wide variety of industrial pumps, including all centrifugal (inline, multi-stage, radial, etc.) and diaphragm pumps.
  • Repair services for pumps handling a variety of fluids – Water, oil, chemicals, sewage, etc. 
  • Reverse engineering the entire pump or a specific part to be machined in-house.
  • Mechanical seal repair or replacement (as needed).
  • After repair testing/inspection with comprehensive report generation. 
  • Retrofitting and modification to meet new requirements. 
  • Complete pump overhauling.

There are several reasons for our clients to choose us for their pump repair services, starting with our experience. We have been in the rotating equipment repair business for over three decades and have undertaken numerous pump repair jobs. Our understanding of the pump repairs and the circumstances which triggered those repairs, and our ability to deliver optimal solutions grew with every job we undertook. 

From regular wear and tear to changes in the medium, virtually hundreds of different factors can cause a pump’s mechanical failure (many of which might be industry-specific). Our goal is to understand the cause before we execute the repairs to prevent/delay future repairs. We can also modify or upgrade a pump (keeping the housing and installation site limitations in mind) to meet new control/efficiency requirements or to accommodate operational changes (different flow, medium, etc.).

From mining equipment to food processing plants, gearboxes are a crucial piece of equipment in many industries. And a gearbox failure has the potential to stop an entire processing line or larger equipment, resulting in a costly operational break. Replacing the gearbox is sometimes a solution, but a few challenges may make replacement impossible or, at least, unfeasible. These include OEM going out of operation, discontinuation of the exact make/model of your gearbox, or a protracted waiting period.  

A much more practical solution is gearbox repairs from a trusted service provider like Intersel. We offer gearbox repair services to a wide variety of industries and are capable of repairing gearboxes from a variety of OEMs. Our gearbox repair process is:

  • Inspection: We visually inspect and catalog the damages we can identify (if any) before disassembling the gearbox. 
  • Disassembly: We adhere to best industry practices and our experience to ensure that disassembly doesn’t further damage the gearbox.
  • Cleaning and Inspection: The gears and other mechanical components are washed/cleaned and inspected and, when needed, tested for damage. 
  • Assessment and Reporting: We assess which gears/components are serviceable and reparable and which need to be replaced. We can reverse engineer and get the gears/components built that are not available. A report and quotes are sent to the client. If we have alternative strategies with better long-term results (like replacing some gears instead of repairing them), they are also conveyed to the client. 

Repair and Testing: Once we have confirmation, we repair the gearbox and test the repaired component for optimal performance. If we've made any modifications to the client's requirement, we test the gearbox for the new configuration.

Preventive and predictive maintenance is an industry’s best defense against unwanted shutdowns and equipment failures. But even they can't prevent all potential failures, and when it happens, even if it’s just a fan/blower that’s shut down, it can halt a significant part of the operations. And timely repairs are the next line of defense to ensure minimal loss of productivity.

At times like these, Intersel’s fan repair services can help you minimize the damage and have your fans up and running in a relatively short amount of time. We offer complete mechanical repair services for a variety of industrial fans and blowers, and our repair capabilities cover everything from housing and blades to shafts and bearings. We can also test the fan for potential points of failure and offer preemptive repairs that may save our clients time and resources in the future. 

The repair process starts with a thorough cleaning and inspection to assess the process. We communicate the findings to our clients right away and get started on the repairs as soon as we have their approval. Our rapid turn-around time while maintaining the premium repair quality is one of the reasons why our services are often preferred over the fan’s OEM.


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