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Eddy Current / Elmagco Brakes

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Eddy Current / Elmagco Brakes

As the largest independent rotating equipment service company in the Middle East specializing in motors and generators, we have extensive experience with Eddy current brakes. From Baylor Elmagco brakes used extensively in the oil and gas industry (drilling – both onshore and offshore) from custom-made brakes from a variety of manufacturers, the technicians and engineers are experienced in almost all industrial-grade Eddy current brakes. In addition to our in-shop repair services, we also offer on-site dismantling and maintenance services for Eddy current brakes.

Our comprehensive Eddy current brake services include:

The braking mechanism in an Elmagco Eddy current brake exposes the drum to extreme heat due to the slip between the drum and the stationary field. Water is used as a cooling agent for most brakes and carries the heat off when adequate water flow and inlet water temperature are maintained. Insufficient water flow or inadequate contact between water and the drum (for proper heat exchange) can result in permanent damage to the drum. Intersel offers drum replacement services for Elmagco and other Eddy current brakes. We also offer reverse engineering services for obsolete drum designs and fabrication at a faster turn-around rate than most OEMs.
The sensitivity, brittleness, and vulnerability to heat make permanent magnet machining a complex job for any equipment, including Eddy current brakes. At Intersel, our technicians and engineers are equipped to handle complex and sensitive magnet machining jobs and ensure that the process doesn’t negatively impact their physical and magnetic properties.
The magnet assembly of the Elmagco brakes has a seam on the inside, which has to be sealed through welding. This welded seal, along with a sealant used in the assembly, is responsible for keeping the water away from the coil.
Overheating, overexcitation, and regular wear and tear, are just three of the many factors that may contribute to the deterioration of magnetic coils in an Eddy current brake. And deterioration in the insulation can lead to a downgrade in the magnet’s performance. From rewinding to insulation (class H), we have the skills and equipment to repair and restore the magnetic coils of the Eddy current brakes to their original performance specifications.
When disassembling Elmagco Eddy current brakes, it’s important to be careful when removing the shaft. Too much force from the wrong angle can damage the shaft further. Sometimes, reclaiming is all a client’s shaft might need, but in other cases, a complete replacement might be the best option.
In most of our Eddy current brake repairs, we recommend and execute replacements only when absolutely necessary. For brake housing, whether the damage stems from improper mounting or a different factor, we prioritize reclaiming. We take the same approach for journal bearings.
Our certified technicians and experienced engineers follow the best practices when disassembling and reassembling the Eddy current brakes, whether on-site or in the workshop, and ensure that the damage is contained. We ensure the restoration of the Eddy current brakes to the original performance specifications and, when possible, make improvements for longer operational life and maintenance gaps.


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