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Emergency and Outage Support

Electric Motor Rewind And Overhaul Services


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As a rotating equipment service leader in the Middle East, Intersel offers comprehensive emergency motor repair services. Whether a mission-critical motor is already out of commission or expected to shut down shortly, causing an operational break or a complete halt, time is of the essence. By assessing the damage, identifying the cause, and performing on-site repairs (at the installation site or after removing it to our mobile workshop), our field engineers offer a rapid response and ensure minimal downtime. 

Intersel’s emergency motor repair services include:

  • On-site testing
  • Removal (to mobile workshop) and Installation 
  • Motor rewinding
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Insulation repairs
  • Seal/bearing/gear replacement
  • On-site machining services

The extensive experience of our field technicians and engineers allows them to handle extremely complex repairs on-site and choose the optimal strategy – dismantling on-site, removal and reinstallation, etc. Our ability to rapidly mobilize relevant experts and resources for virtually all motor repair needs or handling any other rotating equipment failure allows us to keep the downtime minimum. We offer emergency repair services for AC, and DC motors of almost all make and models, both custom and standard designs. That includes all LV, MV, and HV motors of up to 18 kV.

A generator failure doesn’t always repair in an outage, assuming there is enough backup power available to keep mission-critical equipment running for an extended period. But it's still imperative to get the main or backup generators repaired as soon as possible to ensure that the load is adequately balanced and the remaining generators are not working beyond their optimal capacity and experiencing additional wear and tear. Therefore, every instance of generator failure should be regarded and treated as an operational emergency.

Our on-site testing, repair, and rewinding capabilities allow us to offer emergency repairs for turbo generators up to 200 MW (any make and model, air-cooled). The process includes inspection (core and winding), cleaning, coil design and manufacturing, rewinding (if needed), etc. We test the repaired generator before it goes live.

From natural disasters to equipment failure, there are several factors capable of triggering an emergency shutdown, even if there are predictive maintenance protocols in place. Intersel’s extensive portfolio of rotating equipment services, field service expertise, and resources that can be rapidly mobilized makes it an ideal choice for emergency shutdowns and unplanned outages. We can mobilize backup generators, mobile workshops, cranes, diagnostic tools/testing equipment, and a team of certified technicians and field engineers experienced in industry-specific repairs and maintenance. 

Our work with a wide variety of industries, including oil and gas, power, petrochemical, and marine, has resulted in a rich skillset. Our field engineers are well-versed in industry-specific problems that may cause or contribute to an emergency shutdown, as well as the appropriate solutions they can employ for immediate resolution. This ability to provide specific solutions instead of experimenting with generic solutions and performing redundant tests allows us to reduce downtime by a significant margin.

Planned outages are an essential operational requirement, and if properly executed, a planned outage can have a significantly positive impact on a plant’s life and performance. These outages, along with preventive and predictive maintenance, can reduce the probability of unplanned outages and emergency shutdowns by lowering the risk of potential equipment failures as a result of repairs or replacements carried out during a planned outage.

Intersel has been an outage support partner for a wide variety of industries for over three decades. From planning/scheduling an outage to defining the scope and performing necessary tests, maintenance tasks, and repairs, Intersel offers complete outage support to its customers. We are also capable of handling out-of-scope repairs, rewinds, replacements, removals, and installations while adhering to the planned shutdown timeline. 

Our planned outage support and shutdown services are different for plants that are already under contract for predictive maintenance since we have more information and can schedule a shutdown at an optimal time from an equipment maintenance and productivity perspective.


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