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Equipment Removal and Installation

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Equipment Removal and Installation

Equipment removal, whether it’s from a facility currently in shutdown mode or a live/operational plant, requires a careful and experienced approach. Similarly, installing new/repaired equipment while making necessary adjustments for the installation site (and operational requirements) is significantly more complex than following an OEM manual. Especially when you have to ensure that the output and efficiency of the equipment are not compromised and the adjustments don’t cause unusual wear and tear.
That’s where the experience and expertise of rotating equipment services leaders like Intersel come into play. We have a team of certified professionals (field engineers and technicians), necessary equipment for removal, relocation, and installation of motors and generators (among other equipment), and most importantly, we have the experience from thousands of successful projects, each with its unique challenges that we overcame.
We have extensive experience removing and installing equipment in operational sites where access is difficult, and equipment is hauled using cranes or pulleys since on-ground navigation is impossible. On every equipment removal and installation job, our main goal is minimal disruption to operations and strict adherence to the best safety and quality practices.

Our Equipment Removal Services

We offer equipment removal services for:

Our team members may also undertake the removal of pipelines and valves connected to the equipment they are removing, but that’s determined on a case-by-case basis.

Every removal job starts with a thorough analysis of the equipment, installation site, surrounding machinery, and the plant. The project scope can be radically different depending on whether it’s scheduled/requested during a plant shutdown or when the plant is operational. If it’s operational, we determine the best course of action for removal and replacement (if viable) to minimize downtime. For damaged equipment, we try our best to remove the equipment without aggravating its current state. But if it’s virtually destroyed, we aim to salvage as much as we can for our clients. If needed, the equipment is prepared for relocation or transportation.

We prepare a report on the state of the equipment (and potential issues), even if it’s removed for preventive maintenance or service. The report is modified if other discoveries are made during the removal process or presented as is to our clients.

Our Equipment Installation Services

Our expertise when it comes to equipment installation is what makes us a potent OEM alternative for a wide range of industries. Our equipment installation services include:

Before any installation, we ensure that the site is prepared as per the manufacturer’s specifications (or as close to it as possible). We can provide most of the mechanical services required in the preparation of the installation site (if needed) and oversee the work involved in preparing the physical layout (foundations, floor preparation, etc.).

If the equipment needs to be commissioned right after installation, we also ensure that the fluid and pressure inputs/outputs and electrical connections are in order.
When we are installing new generators, we also consult our clients on the right location based on noise, accessibility, and existing power infrastructure. We also help our clients integrate the new equipment with the existing automation/control systems.

Relocation Services

In addition to specific equipment removal and installation, we also offer complete relocation and decommissioning services. That involves removing the equipment, dismantling (if necessary), packaging the equipment, transportation, shipping (for overseas relocations), reassembling, and installation.


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